I know you are busy so I won’t waste your time. I’ll just give you the bullet points:

  • Have helped hundreds of families sell their house and they saved on average $5,200 on commission
  • I don’t attend any sales seminars. You’ll never hear me use a “sales script” or use any sales pressure. If we get along we’ll work together, if not that’s ok as well.
  • I pride myself of giving excellent customer service. If for any reason you are not happy, we cancel the contract. No penalties, no hard feelings.
  • Just because I discount commission doesn’t mean I cut corners in my marketing. I just have less overhead and low living expenses.
  • In the industry for over 13 years full time.
  • No ego. Some sales people feel they need to impress clients with their flashy cars and watches. I don’t need to drive a $80,000 car just for my ego. I grew up driving old beat up cars like the Nissan Micra, Ford Tempo, and Toyota Tercels. Those cars destroyed any ego I might have developed.
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